KIOXIA’s Yokkaichi Plant conducts various social contribution activities.

To contribute to local development and meet the expectations of local communities, we aim to make the Yokkaichi Plant a factory loved and trusted by everyone as a member of society.


Certification for compliance with Mie Tokowaka Health Management

On July 7, 2020, the Yokkaichi Plant was certified as a business site that actively promotes employee health management with the aim of realizing "Tokowaka Mie," Mie Prefecture's vision of a community where everyone lives a healthy life. We will continue to promote healthy activities that all employees can continually enjoy so that they can work vigorously, both physically and mentally.


* Mie Prefecture created a system for certification of enterprises compliant with Mie Tokowaka Health Management (White Mie). The first certification was awarded on July 7, 2020.


Certification mark for compliance with Mie Tokowaka Health Management
Certificate for compliance with Mie Tokowaka Health Management

The First Prize of Mie Tokowaka Health Management Award 2020 was bestowed upon KIOXIA on September 18, 2020.

Commendation ceremony of Mie Tokowaka Health Management Award 2020 (September 18, 2020)

Mr. Hideki Yoda, General Manager of the Department of General Affairs, and Mr. Eikei Suzuki, Governor of Mie Prefecture

Certificate of the First Prize of Mie Tokowaka Health Management Award 2020 and certification mark (September 18, 2020)
Reasons for commendation
  • KIOXIA provides not only annual medical checkups for all its employees but also voluntary options (e.g., periodontal disease examination and lung cancer screening) for employees aged 35 or older.
  • KIOXIA has established the THP Committee at its factory. Many employees participate in one of the six working groups for the planning and implementation of health programs, thus improving health literacy and facilitating communication among all employees.

 ※Total Health Promotion Plan

Yokkaichi Plant Summer Festival

The Yokkaichi Plant organizes a summer festival to provide an opportunity for personal exchanges among its employees, their families, and local people. Offering fun for local people, the festival features snack stands set up by our employees, shishimai (Japanese lion dance) presented by Yamanoisshiki-cho’s residents' association, live music featuring professional entertainers, a lottery, etc.

The summer festival was held at the Yamanoisshiki-cho Sports Park on August 31, 2018. The festival was very lively with 11,000 visitors, including local residents, our employees, and their families.


Yokkaichi Plant Summer Festival


Yokkaichi Plant Summer Festival

Participation in the Yokkaichi Science Seminar for Children

In August 2019, the Yokkaichi Plant participated in the Yokkaichi Science Seminar for Children held at the Yokkaichi City Cultural Center.

In the seminar entitled "First-Hand Science—Yokkaichi, a City of Monozukuri (the art, science and craft of making things)," we offered a presentation called "What is memory?" for roughly 120 visitors. As well as introducing the Yokkaichi Plant and semiconductor memories, we held a quiz about human memory. The excitement mounted as children enthusiastically answered the quiz questions. Among the attractions, the try-on of a cleanroom suit was especially popular. Children enjoyed this one-of-a-kind experience.


Yokkaichi Science Seminar for Children

Cleanup of the neighborhood of the plant

As a token of our appreciation and contribution to the local community, we clean up the neighborhood of the Yokkaichi Plant twice a year.

In October 2019, roughly 200 employees participated in the cleanup activity and collected 14 kg of litter.


Cleanup of the neighborhood of the plant


Cleanup of the neighborhood of the plant

Environment liaison meetings with local people

As part of our efforts to protect the local environment, we meet the members of the local residents’ association periodically to report the results of water quality, atmospheric, and other environmental measurements, invite them to our environmental facilities, and give an account of our preparations for a possible Tokai earthquake as well as our environmental protection initiatives for the safety and security of the locality.

We will continue to facilitate community engagement so as to promote corporate activities while being closely connected to the local community.


Environment liaison meeting


Local people visiting our environmental facilities

Contribution to blood donation activities

Since 1997, the Yokkaichi Plant has been conducting blood donation campaigns in cooperation with the Red Cross Mie Blood Center. To date, a total of more than 9,500 people have donated blood*. The Yokkaichi Plant received a certificate of gratitude from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, a Silver Merit Award from the Japanese Red Cross Society, and in August 2018, a certificate of gratitude from the Governor of Mie Prefecture in recognition of its long-standing activities.

We will continue the blood donation activities and increase the number of blood donation sites in the Yokkaichi Plant according to the number of donors so as to help people in need of blood transfusions.


* As of March 2020


Mie Blood Donor Awards Ceremony


Donating blood

Calendar and pocket notebook collection activity

The Yokkaichi Plant cooperates with Councils of Social Welfare to donate reusable calendars and pocket notebooks every year to welfare facilities in Yokkaichi City (such as support facilities for persons with disabilities and nursery schools).

We began this activity in 2007 and donated 1,426 calendars and 384 pocket notebooks in 2019, twice as many as in 2018.


Donating the collected calendars and pocket notebooks