Yokkaichi Plant was founded in 1992 as a manufacturing base for semiconductor memory products, starting off with the production of DRAMs. Since 2002, we have been not only manufacturing NAND flash memories but also engaging in R&D of next-generation semiconductor devices.


Along with the growth of the market, Yokkaichi Plant continued to expand. We commenced the operation of Fab 5 in 2011, followed by New Fab 2 in 2016 that BiCS FLASH™ (i.e., next-generation devices in which NAND flash arrays are vertically stacked to increase storage capacity).
In 2018, Fab 6 also came online to manufacture BiCS FLASH™. Yokkaichi Plant is constantly evolving to become the world’s leading semiconductor fab.


NAND flash memories are used for data storage in various products, including USB sticks and other portable storage media, smartphones, tablets, feature phones, PCs, and digital cameras. NAND flash memories are now indispensable for people’s lives.
Nowadays, applications of NAND flash memories have expanded to the cloud and wherever big data is used.
The amount of data generated worldwide is expected to continue growing. Our NAND flash memories will play an important role in storing ever-increasing information to be passed to the next generation.


Yokkaichi in Mie Prefecture is blessed with a rich natural environment, abundant human resources, and outstanding industrial foundations. We are deeply grateful to local residents and all the other people concerned for their understanding, guidance, and support, which have enabled us to operate in the international arena.


As a good corporate citizen, Yokkaichi Plant will continue to prioritize legal compliance, environmental protection, and social initiatives, thus fulfilling expectations concerning corporate responsibility. We will endeavor to help realize a better global environment and contribute to the development of society.
Our aim is to make Yokkaichi Plant a factory loved and trusted by everyone. We look forward to your continued support and understanding.



October 1, 2019

Tomoharu Matsushita,
Managing Executive Officer of KIOXIA Corporation and General Manager of Yokkaichi Plant