Kioxia Announces Updated Executive Officers

June 23, 2021
Kioxia Corporation

Kioxia today announced its updated list of Executive Officers, as shown below.

Executive Officers of Kioxia Corporation, as of June 23, 2021


President and Chief Executive Officer
Nobuo Hayasaka


Executive Chairman
Stacy J. Smith


Executive Vice Chairman
Lorenzo A. Flores


Executive Vice President and Executive Officer
Tomoharu Watanabe


Executive Vice President and Executive Officer (Chief Marketing Officer) *1
Naohisa Sano


Senior Managing Executive Officer (Chief Financial Officer)
Hideki Hanazawa


Managing Executive Officer (Chief Production Officer and General Manager, Yokkaichi Plant)
Tomoharu Matsushita


Managing Executive Officer (Vice President of SSD Division)
Masashi Yokotsuka


Executive Officer (General Manager, Legal Affairs Division)
Takahiro Asakura


Executive Officer (Vice President of Memory Division) *2
Hiroo Oota


Executive Officer (General Manager, Human Resources and Administration Division)
Kyota Okishiro


Executive Officer (Chief Strategy Officer)
Shinichi Hashimoto


Executive Officer (Chief Technology Officer)
Masaki Momodomi


*1. Promoted to Executive Vice President
*2. Promoted to Executive Officer