Manufacturing innovation through simulation

Nobutoshi Aoki, Fellow

Expertise: TCAD simulation


"Manufacturing innovations that make full use of the computational science simulations"
The creation of a digital twin in the semiconductor field will provide new value and excitement to society.

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We are developing computer simulation technology for the manufacturing processes and electrical properties of semiconductor devices. We're utilizing them for the R&D of cutting-edge memory devices. This technology is called TCAD, or Technology CAD. Research on complex element structures and new principles of operation is also advancing due to the high integration of semiconductor memories. BiCS FLASH™ has a complex structure, so analysis by semiconductor simulation is indispensable. With simulation, there's no need for experimenting as we can predict the results by calculation. We need to utilize simulation technology to achieve a digital twin, where synergy from linking real-world experiments and simulation on cyberspace actualizes.

Nobutoshi Aoki, Fellow

KIOXIA's strengths

Our company has highly-skilled engineers in process and device technology as well as circuit and system design technology. These experts have excellent cooperation and mutual understanding, which adds to our strengths. TCAD engineers are also working closely with experts in other technical fields to carry out research and development. That way, we'll be able to see things from a different angle than our expertise. Others can also see how to utilize the technology that we have and bring up new ideas. So, in that sense, I think it's very important to have discussions and boost cooperation with people from different fields.

Contribution to the world 10 years from now

Nobutoshi Aoki, Fellow

Computational science simulation has evolved from a tool for understanding and explaining phenomena to one that predicts the physical properties and functions of new materials. Manufacturing innovations that make full use of these computational science simulations are taking place in various industrial fields. KIOXIA conducts research and development to bring a world that creates new value and fun by connecting records as digital signals with people, things, and time through the development of semiconductors that use cutting-edge TCAD and computational science simulation technology.


Nobutoshi Aoki, Fellow, Institute of Memory Technology Research & Development

Brief personal history

1990: Completed Physics Major (Doctorate) at Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University

1990: Joined Toshiba Corporation, assigned to ULSI Research Laboratory

2015: Senior Fellow, Center of Semiconductor Research & Development, Toshiba Corporation

2021: Fellow, Device Technology Research & Development Center, KIOXIA Corporation


TCAD simulation


1990 - 2008: TCAD technology development and high-precision technology development

2009 - 2014: Led the development of three-dimensional TCAD systems

2015 - 2021: Led the development of TCAD technology and computational chemistry technology


2004 - 2016: Guest Associate Professor, New Industry Creation Hatchery Center, Tohoku University

2016: Part-time lecturer, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University

2020: Part-time lecturer, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University

Awards received

2009: Received ADMETA Award 2009, The Japan Society of Applied Physics

External organization officer appointments, etc.

2008: Secretary, Silicon Technology Division, The Japan Society of Applied Physics (Current as of 2021)

2018: Member, Subcommittee to discuss the strengthening of industrial competitiveness based on computational science, Joint Computational Science Simulation and Engineering Design Committee of the General Engineering Committee and Mechanical Engineering Committee, Science Council of Japan (Current as of 2021)

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