The Future Envisioned by KIOXIA Corporation

Present Flash Memory

As the inventor of the NAND Flash memory, we had a profound impact on the world.

Expanding Possibilities of Memory Devices (graph)

Future Flash Memory

With the spread of cloud computing, the advent of the IoT era, and the increased utilization of AI technology, the amount of information generated and accumulated by human-beings is steadily increasing.
KIOXIA’s research and technological development supports the information society of the future on a global scale.

Future Envisioned by KIOXIA

With the widespread use of IoT, AI and 5G, the amount of data generated worldwide will continue to see explosive growth. Critical for the storage and the utilization of this data are large-capacity, high-performance storage and high-speed data processing systems. As a leading supplier of flash memory, KIOXIA will continue to provide products and services that create new value.

Expanding Possibilities of Memory Devices (image)