The Future Envisioned by KIOXIA Corporation

Expanding Possibilities of Memory Devices

Accompanying the dissemination of IoT, the spread of cloud computing, and the progress of self-driving technology, the amount of information generated worldwide is increasing dramatically.

The total amount of digital data available worldwide exceeded 45 Zettabytes (ZB) in 2019. The worldwide data volume is expected to reach 143 ZB by 2024 and increase sharply. In an era of such rapid change, demand for storage units using NAND flash memories is expected to grow exponentially.

Expanding Possibilities of Memory Devices (graph)

NAND flash memory, which was invented and put to practical use by our company, is Japan’s epoch-making innovation, bringing great convenience to society and people’s lives. We have continually shrunk memory cell geometries, increased memory cell capacity, and leveraged the advantage of its memory controllers to develop memory cards and SSDs. Our research and technological development initiatives support the progress of electronic devices and the information society worldwide.

Expanding Possibilities of Memory Devices (image)