Technology Development History

In 1987, our company invented NAND flash memory. Since then, we have led the industry in improving microfabrication technology, increasing the integration density. Furthermore, we have leveraged chip-stacking technology to increase memory capacity, supporting the progress of electronic devices and the information society worldwide.


Technological Development History (-2009)
Technological Development History (2010-)

Invention of BiCS FLASH™

Our company was the first in the world to present three-dimensional (3D) flash memory technology at an academic conference. We have promoted cutting-edge research and technology development to increase the number of layers stacked within BiCS FLASH™ and release it for SSD applications. To meet the ever-growing demand for storage capacity, we have increased cell density and thereby memory capacity.

BiCS FLASHInvention of BiCS FLASH™

Invention of BiCS FLASH™

Shift from 2D Memory to 3D Memory

Our company resolutely promoted a technological paradigm shift from 2D memory to 3D memory through up-front investment. To date, we have manufactured 48-, 64-, and 96-layer BiCS FLASH™, and is currently developing technology for BiCS FLASH™ with more than 100 stacked layers. While establishing advanced production technology, we are conducting R&D on new types of memory to achieve ever-higher integration density and cost competitiveness.

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