Technology Development History

In 1987, our company invented NAND flash memory. Since then, we have led the industry in improving microfabrication technology, increasing the integration density. Furthermore, we have leveraged chip-stacking technology to increase memory capacity, supporting the progress of electronic devices and the information society worldwide.

Technology Development History

Technological Development History (-2009)
Technological Development History (2010-)



2020/3/13 18th JSAP Plasma Electronics Award
2020/3/12 APEX/JJAP Editorial Contribution Award from The Japan Society of Applied Physics



2019/11/27 The Sort Benchmark committee JouleSort World Record *1
2019/11/19 NANOTS2019 Best Interested Paper Award, Young Researcher's Encouragement Award
2019/11/13 AEC/APC Symposium Asia 2019 Best Paper Award
"Robust Estimation of Mixed-Type Wafer Map Similarity Utilizing Non-negative Matrix Factorization"
A-SSCC Outstanding Contribution Award
2019/9/18 The 13th (2019) JSAP Fellow Award
2019/3/10 17th JSAP Plasma Electronics Award
2019/3/9 JSAP Young Scientist Presentation Award
2019/2/19 IEEE SSCS Japan Industry Contribution Award
2019/1/17 20th JSPS Plasma Science for Materials Award

*1 As of Nov. 27, 2019 (1TB Sort/89kJoules)



2018/11/13 DPS2018 Nishizawa Award
2018/10/27 Special Jury Award of the 2018 Incentive Award to Young Woman Engineer from Japan Women Engineers Forum (JWEF)
2018/9/18 The 12th (2018) JSAP Fellow Award
2018/9/11 Connect Products and Services category in the field of Business Impact of the 6th Cloudera Data Impact Awards
2018/6/6 Award for Excellence of the 24th Semiconductor of the Year 2018 in the field of semiconductor devices from Electronic Device Industry News



2017/11/22 IWDTF Young Award
2017/11/16 DPS2017 DPS Paper Award
2017/11/10 NANOTS2017 Best Interested Paper Award
2017/8/4 70th (2016): Technological Development Encouragement Prize from the Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society of Japan, Inc.
2017/6/26 Gold Prize of the 2016 Field Innovation Award from the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI)
2017/4/28 Technical Development Prize (Progress & Development Prize) in the field of R&D of the 44th (2016) Technology Development Award from the Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers
2017/3/24 63rd (2016) Okochi Memorial Prize from the Okochi Memorial Foundation
2017/2/14 The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize of the 5th Management of Technology (MOT) & Innovation Award from Japan Techno-Economics Society (JATES)
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