Open Innovations and Awards

Open Innovations

To further accelerate the development speed and address the needs of increasingly diverse research themes, KIOXIA Corporation not only promotes collaboration between in-house divisions and laboratories but also undertakes R&D projects in collaboration with universities, technical communities, and research institutes both in Japan and abroad. We also apply the results of these activities to a broad range of products and R&D themes while capturing ideas from wide communities.

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We are also striving to strengthen our industrial technological capabilities through innovation and to foster an environment conducive to innovation.


Waseda University UEC Tokyo

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2020/3/13 18th JSAP Plasma Electronics Award
2020/3/12 APEX/JJAP Editorial Contribution Award from The Japan Society of Applied Physics



2019/11/27 The Sort Benchmark committee JouleSort World Record *1
2019/11/19 NANOTS2019 Best Interested Paper Award, Young Researcher's Encouragement Award
2019/11/13 AEC/APC Symposium Asia 2019 Best Paper Award
"Robust Estimation of Mixed-Type Wafer Map Similarity Utilizing Non-negative Matrix Factorization"
A-SSCC Outstanding Contribution Award
2019/9/18 The 13th (2019) JSAP Fellow Award
2019/3/10 17th JSAP Plasma Electronics Award
2019/3/9 JSAP Young Scientist Presentation Award
2019/2/19 IEEE SSCS Japan Industry Contribution Award
2019/1/17 20th JSPS Plasma Science for Materials Award

*1 As of Nov. 27, 2019 (1TB Sort/89kJoules)



2018/11/13 DPS2018 Nishizawa Award
2018/10/27 Special Jury Award of the 2018 Incentive Award to Young Woman Engineer from Japan Women Engineers Forum (JWEF)
2018/9/18 The 12th (2018) JSAP Fellow Award
2018/9/11 Connect Products and Services category in the field of Business Impact of the 6th Cloudera Data Impact Awards
2018/6/6 Award for Excellence of the 24th Semiconductor of the Year 2018 in the field of semiconductor devices from Electronic Device Industry News



2017/11/22 IWDTF Young Award
2017/11/16 DPS2017 DPS Paper Award
2017/11/10 NANOTS2017 Best Interested Paper Award
2017/8/4 70th (2016): Technological Development Encouragement Prize from the Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society of Japan, Inc.
2017/6/26 Gold Prize of the 2016 Field Innovation Award from the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI)
2017/4/28 Technical Development Prize (Progress & Development Prize) in the field of R&D of the 44th (2016) Technology Development Award from the Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers
2017/3/24 63rd (2016) Okochi Memorial Prize from the Okochi Memorial Foundation
2017/2/14 The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize of the 5th Management of Technology (MOT) & Innovation Award from Japan Techno-Economics Society (JATES)