The progress of memory and other semiconductor technologies contributes to the creation of new products and services, changing society and people’s lives dramatically.


Our company has been leading the industry in the field of NAND flash memory and high-capacity, high-performance 3D flash memory (BiCS FLASH™). Nowadays, demand is growing for memories, memory cards, and solid-state drives (SSDs) with ever-higher speed, capacity, and reliability for a wide range of applications, including personal devices (such as PCs and smartphones) and data centers, as well as for industrial equipments, automotive, and wireless communication applications.


To realize such memory and storage products, we conduct cutting-edge research and technology development, leveraging a wide range of verification techniques not only devices, circuits, processes, and system technologies, but also manufacturing technologies incorporating AI.

We are also committed to developing new types of memory devices and storage systems in order to explore new business areas for the future. For this purpose, we are promoting people-to-people exchanges for open innovation through collaboration with our customers and joint efforts between industry and academia, in addition to spurring in-house development initiatives. These efforts are also aimed at cultivating young scientists and engineers both inside and outside the company and supporting their R&D activities.

To create a new era of memory and realize a sustainable society, KIOXIA Corporation will further strengthen its research and technology development, leveraging the expertise that enabled us to release the world’s first NAND flash memory and 3D flash memory.

Nobuo Hayasaka, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President and Executive Officer

Chief Technology Officer

KIOXIA Corporation