KIOXIA Diversity, Equity, and
Inclusion Statement

2021 Commitments

Conduct listening sessions to gather employee feedback

Administer inclusion survey to employees

Provide DE&I training for managers and employees

Create infrastructure for additional inclusion groups

Target underrepresented talent via new channels

Diversity Leadership Team

“KIOXIA is the gateway to a world re-imagined. Innovation and diversity of thought ignites the possibility of a future that is inclusive, energized and united. Smart teams do amazing things, but a truly connected team can do the impossible.”

Sondra White
Sr. Director, Chief Diversity Officer

“Our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts mean so much to me both on a professional and personal level. The work that we do now will plant seeds for our children and future generations. Together, we can do amazing things for our employees and those we touch with our products and solutions.”

Deanna Broussard
Sr. Staff Professional, HR Business Partner

“Everyone deserves an opportunity and I whole heartedly believe in the equity of opportunity for all.”

John Yarbrough
Sr. Manager, Talent

Executive Team

Fujikawa Toshiaki
President and CEO

Linda Morris
VP Operations and Business Planning

Scott Nelson
Chief Marketing Officer

Alex Mei
VP of Corporate Marketing

KIOXIA Employees

Lisa Mink
Senior Director, Automotive, OEM & Territory

Cameron Brett
Senior Director, Enterprise Marketing

Nicole Rosales
Staff Product Manager

Brian Wade
Sr Specialist, Office Services

Myla Jones
Product Manager I

Inclusion Group Spotlight

It’s no secret that women face many challenges in today’s workplace.

Unconscious biases are still prevalent. There are large pay gaps waiting to be closed, and the double standards that exists in regards to self-promotion often lead to lack of visibility for women in the workplace.

But the women of KIOXIA America are driving change. And to help combat these challenges, the KIOXIA LeadHERs group was formed.

Created with the purpose to empower, educate and enrich, the LeadHERs mission is to push back against gender biases and help the women of KIOXIA America thrive. The LeadHERs are committed to providing the tools necessary to help women cultivate their careers and achieve their personal and professional goals. This includes establishing a mentorship program, providing additional trainings, and opening the door to outside speakers.

And by educating our community, challenging biases and empowering women, the LeadHERs will help to evolve KIOXIA America into a gender-diverse company with equal opportunity at all levels.

In the Community

The World Economic Forum’s 2020 Global Gender Gap Report found that there is still a 31.4% global gender gap. This same report estimates that we will not be reaching gender parity within our lifetimes.

The LeadHERs are dedicated to the idea that by raising awareness to the gender inequalities that exist today, and by empowering women around the world, we can help to accelerate that timeline for gender parity.

International Women’s Day gives us the opportunity to do just that. A day that is recognized around the world, IWD provides a necessary platform to celebrate the political, social, and economic achievements of women.

The LeadHERs decided to celebrate IWD 2021 by finding meaningful ways to empower the women of our community.

First, we coordinated a company-wide clothing drive in Irvine, San Jose, and Atlanta. These donations went to several organizations that focus on providing professional attire and a wide array of development tools to help women thrive in new careers, and become economically independent.

In addition to the clothing drive, the LeadHERs and employees of KIOXIA America donated to several female focused charities. We successfully raised over $4,200 for six organizations that focus on accelerating progress for women in both education and the workforce.

Going forward, the LeadHERs are excited to continue leading KIOXIA America in IWD events each year, as we actively work toward creating a gender equal world.