Kioxia's Research and Technology Development

As a leading company in flash memory and SSD, KIOXIA delivers products that create new value. Research and development into cutting-edge technologies in many diverse fields is essential for realizing this. We implement technological innovation to pursue the potential of “memory.”


Chief Technology Officer, Masaki Momodomi

We have realized new products and services that greatly transform society and lifestyles. With our mission to "uplift the world with ‘memory’,” we deliver memory and SSDs that offer high speed, large capacity, and excellent reliability, through active collaborations and personnel exchanges that transcend organizational boundaries.

Chief Technology Officer, Masaki MomodomiChief Technology Officer, Masaki Momodomi

This page presents videos of interviews with the "Fellows" who are the power behind the memory research and technology development at KIOXIA. These professionals are masters of devices and processes, memory systems, TCAD simulations and flash memory development. They talk about the pleasure of research and technology development and about contributing to the world ten years from now.

R&D to create a new era of memory

KIOXIA invention, NAND flash memory, has become indispensable in daily life and business. Introducing the information society of the future supported by flash memory, anticipating the spread of IoT, AI, and 5G.

Introducing KIOXIA’s achievements in supporting the evolution of electric devices, such as the invention of NAND flash memory in 1987, and advancement of the information society on a global scale, seen through the lens of the history of memory and SSD development.

Does memory have emotions? “Human power” is the key to expanding the possibilities of the future at the vanguard of R&D.

Medicine, sports, space science, education…
The potential for semiconductor memory to change the world has no limits.

Where is memory technology from, and where is it headed? A look back at the history of flash memory innovation.

Technology and Innovation at KIOXIA

BiCS FLASH™ Flash MemoryBiCS FLASH™ Flash Memory

In 2007, KIOXIA announced the world's first 3D flash memory technology. Presenting our cutting-edge technologies, along with the key points of innovation that led to cost reductions and our efforts toward further increases in capacity.

Cutting-edge Research Topics

Research and technological development in a diverse range of next-generation memory, including 3D flash memory

Development of advanced technologies for new materials, new structures, and inspection and analysis, for the realization of new devices

Research and technological development into cutting-edge storage systems in anticipation of next-generation computing

Utilization of big data and AI in the manufacturing systems of factories producing leading-edge flash memory

KIOXIA boasts excellent R&D capabilities that provide a bridge between research and products. Introducing the mechanisms of technological innovation, that is, how R&D is conducted in the process of bringing our products to market.

KIOXIA has been highly commended for the presentation of its R&D through a variety of channels, including major academic societies and research papers.

Academic Collaboration

Memory × Brain scienceMemory × Brain science

KIOXIA - Uplifting the world with “memory.” We are conducting joint research with a university on signal processing systems neuroscience, using fast, large-capacity SSDs.

R&D Organization and Locations

KIOXIA has established industry-leading R&D frameworks with “memory” technology. We use our various locations to conduct technological innovation while promoting open innovation.

To realize smart factories

Yokkaichi Plant is a flash memory manufacturing site that is achieving high productivity through digital transformation and AI technology. Working with the R&D division located within the same grounds, the plant is realizing the manufacture of highly-efficient, cutting-edge products.

From Iwate to the leading edge of the world

Has one of the largest manufacturing buildings in the KIOXIA Group, equipped with state-of-the-art systems such as energy-saving equipment, as well as manufacturing systems that employ AI.